Kampusareena electric vehicle charging power consumption and quality

Various electrical measurements related to the total power consumption of the electric vehicle charging station at Kampusareena. Kampusareena has 8 charging spots with a maximum power of 22 kW for each. The measurements include basic electrical measrurements such as power, current, voltage and cumulative energy, but also advanced power quality measurements such as symmetrical components of voltage, and voltage and current harmonics up to 40th order. NOTe: before 2018-09-6 the power meter was installed incorrectly so that positive and negative power amounts where the wrong way around i.e. when power value is negative in the data it really should be positive.

See the ProCem project for general information about how the measurements are stored and can be used. See the eQL quality meter group for general information about the used measurement device. See the Kampusareena group for general information about the building.

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Field Value
Maintainer Antti Hilden
Data owner University Properties of Finland
Temporal resolution 1 second
Measurement start date 2018-05-17
Last Updated February 1, 2023, 14:35 (+0200)
Created December 16, 2022, 15:36 (+0200)