Tampere Viinikka smart street light pilot

Data collected from a smart streetlight pilot in Tampere. About 400 smart streetlights were piloted in the Viinikka area between 2019 and 2022. Each individual streetlight provided data such as electrical measurements, illuminance level and pole angle. These streetlights could also then be controlled individually. See the CityIoT project for general information about how the measurements are stored and can be used.

Data model

The data model uses entity types from the official FIWARE streetlighting data model with some modifications and also custom entity types. The used entity types are the following.

  • Streetlight: Used to represent the individual streetlights. Some new attributes were added for example, voltage, intensity, activePower, and poleAngleDrift.
  • StreetlightControlCabinet: Represents streetlight control cabinets which control a group of individual streetlights.
  • AmbientLightSensor: Custom entity type for representing light sensors that are related to SwitchingGroups.
  • SwitchingGroup: Represents all the 400 streetlights and 6 streetlight control cabinets. Contains, for example, the common configuration for the group.

Notes about the data

  • This data was originally collected into a different FIWARE platform operated by the company who implemented the pilot. Using the subscription system of the Orion context broker, it was then transferred also to the Tampere University FIWARE platform.
  • The data contains some initial test entities that have no data or only little data from beginning of 2019. These entities were replaced with different ones later. So for example although there are 400 streetlights, there are 984 Streetlight entities used to represent them during various phases of the pilot.
  • The SwitchingGroup entity with id GroupAllOLC has references to the Streetlight and StreetlightControlCabinet entities that were in use at least from 2020-05-11 until the end of the pilot.
  • Many entities that were in use until the end of the pilot were created on 2019-05-17.
  • The time interval varies for the different attributes. For example, it is about 1.5 minutes for poleAngleDrift of Streetlight entities and energyConsumed of StreetlightControlCabinet entities. It is about 15 minutes for illuminanceLevel and powerState of Streetlight entities. It is about one hour for intensity, voltage and activePower of streetlight entities.
  • The Streetlight entities have references to StreetligthGroup entities but these entities do not exist.

Accessing the data

The data is stored in the Tampere University CityIoT platform. The used FIWARE service is streetlight and all entities there are under the service path /Tampere/viinikka.


Get the most recent data about control cabinet KV-0131

curl -X GET "https://tlt-cityiot.rd.tuni.fi/orion/v2/entities/KV-0131" --header "Fiware-Service: streetlight" --header "Fiware-Servicepath: /Tampere/viinikka" --header "apikey: your_apikey"

find out the streetlight entity ids which has KV-0131 as a controller cabinet:

curl -X GET "https://tlt-cityiot.rd.tuni.fi/orion/v2/entities?limit=1000&type=Streetlight&q=refStreetlightControlCabinet~=KV-0131&attrs=id" --header "Fiware-Service: streetlight" --header "Fiware-Servicepath: /Tampere/viinikka" --header "apikey: your_apikey"

Get activePower measurements for Streetlight KV-0121-318 on 21st of May 2019.

curl -X GET "https://tlt-cityiot.rd.tuni.fi/quantumleap/v2/entities/KV-0121-318/attrs/activePower?fromDate=2019-05-21T00:00:00Z&toDate=2019-05-21T23:59:59Z" --header "Fiware-Service: streetlight" --header "Fiware-Servicepath: /Tampere/viinikka" --header "apikey: your_apikey"

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Field Value
Maintainer Ville Heikkilä
Data owner Tampere
Temporal resolution varies from 1.5 min to 1 hour
Measurement start date 2019-01-11
Measurement end date 2022-07-10
Last Updated April 29, 2024, 08:44 (+0300)
Created December 20, 2022, 12:13 (+0200)